Sport Psychology

Focus areas

FLOW / State of Excellence
Activation techniques
Relaxation techniques
Visualisation techniques
Motivation techniques
Mental techniques before, during, and after the competition
Anxiety and nervousness
Problems with concentration
Comeback after injuries
Burnout in competetive sport and comeback
(Sport) Psychological (test) diagnostics
Psychological counseling after trauma
Hyperactivity in competetive sport as resource
Physiological early or late developers
Life after competetive sport

Free preliminary conversation

Duration: up to 25 min.

Appointments upon .

Sport psychological cooperation

Duration of a session: 50 min.

Sessions per meeting: 1, 1.5 or 2 sessions

Competition support: half- or full-day

Setting: Personally, video call (encrypted), competition

Fee for the initial session: € 80.--
In case of financial problems, a reduction of costs is possible.

Confidentiality: I am obliged to the Austrian psychologist law 2013.


Workshops in English upon request.