Sport Psychology

Focus areas

FLOW / State of Excellence
Activation techniques
Relaxation techniques
Visualisation techniques
Motivation techniques
Mental techniques before, during, and after the competition
Anxiety and nervousness
Problems with concentration
Comeback after injuries
Burnout in competetive sport and comeback
(Sport) Psychological (test) diagnostics
Psychological counseling after trauma
Hyperactivity in competetive sport as resource
Physiological early or late developers
Life after competetive sport

Talks and Workshops

1) Introduction to mental training and sport psychology
2) FLOW in competetive as well as recreational- and health sport
3) How can parents optimally support their sportive children?

Sport psychology workshop at GkPP: W.Spo.2

Experience with the following sports

Individual: fencing, golf, judo, cross-country skiing, running, athletics, cycling (road, MTB, BMX, Enduro), chess, swimming, sport shooting, tennis, table tennis, triathlon

Team: volleyball

Supervision of bachelor and master thesis
in Austria and Germany

Field: Clinical Sport Psychology
incl. methodological and statistical supervision
(1) scientific sport and clinical psychological literature
(2) conducting at least one empirical study